Statistics to start on with Excel

Statistics are objective and systematic methods for describing and interpreting information. The program will give the students skills that make them able to handle the everyday challenges they meet when they meet figures and diagrams.

In this course, we use Excel as a practical tool for handling date and to do the calculations.

Statistics is a very broad subject, with applications in a vast number of different fields. In general, one can say that statistics is the methodology for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and drawing conclusions from information.

The course uses statistics as a methodology for interpreting and drawing conclusions from collected data. Everything that deals even remotely with the collection, processing, interpretation, and presentation of data belongs to the domain of statistics, and so does the detailed planning of that precedes all these activities.


The programme can be used as a part of the education for skilled workers on level Tec 1 (International level ISCED 2011: level 2, first year).