Along with good content and a well-optimized website, building strong backlinks is a vital part of making your affiliate-marketing site rise the search rankings and become a success. Here’s our guide to creating high-quality, Google-friendly backlinks that will help increase your site’s visibility

What to learn in this lesson:

  • What a backlink is, and why backlinks are so important for a website
  • How to recognize a high-quality backlink
  • Strategies you can use to develop backlinks

For a blog or site to be a success, a high ranking in Google’s search results is essential. So, as well as creating high-quality content and having given your site’s SEO a boost through on-page optimization, you should also take care of off-page optimization. This makes the form of ‘link building’ – having sites linking to your website broadens the reach of your site and helps improve the Google rankings for your website.

In this lesson we will look at the following:

  • What backlinks are
  • Why securing this kind of link is important for the success of your website
  • The easiest ways to build backlinks
  • What mistakes you should avoid, so you aren’t penalized by Google