Better Backlinks: In A Nutshell

A few years ago, the motto was: the more backlinks your own website has, the higher the probability that it will rank well within the search engines. Today, however, the best recipe for quality backlinks is a good link mix of DoFollow and NoFollow links from high-quality websites – with high visibility a must-have. High-quality content is – and remains – the most important thing to focus on in order to secure backlinks, because the methods shown in this article are mostly aimed at receiving a backlink indirectly, by virtue of creating a compelling website in the first place.

Of course, this approach may be time-consuming, but it’s ultimately the most successful way. It’s also important that you can judge the quality and the visibility of websites in order to establish whether they’re worth receiving a backlink from. Your chances of securing successful high-quality backlinks also increase if you combine several of the methods presented here with each other